Our mission is to support artists by providing a creative environment for them to reside, develop, perform, and exhibit. Art Share L.A. inspires artists and provides connection to the community for shared benefits. We maintain a 28,000 square ft. warehouse in the heart of the Arts District. Upstairs, we provide 30 subsidized live/work lofts for artists. Downstairs, we have a community-programmed facility offering classes, exhibitions, and events.




In 1912, the lot was a single family residential home. The property was purchased in 1928 and a two-story, 28,800 square foot textile-recycling factory was constructed. During the mid-1980s, the neighborhood became a beacon to struggling artists being priced out of the increasingly expensive Venice and Hollywood arts scenes. These artists sought out large, affordable spaces for creative purposes, and saw great potential in the forgotten industrial buildings in the neighborhood. This trend continued throughout the 1990s, and the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles emerged.

In 1997, the building was resold and Art Share L.A. was born. The top floor was renovated to include 30 affordable micro live/work lofts, and part of the roof was removed to allow natural light to fall upon a patio area complete with a koi pond. The bottom floor was redesigned to include a theater, gallery, art studios, multi-purpose classrooms, and office space. Despite the building’s drastic remodelling, remnants of the industrial era still remain – brick walls, freight doors, and old train tracks in our alley hint at the building’s history.


Since early 2013, Art Share L.A. has been committed to being a thriving community arts space in the Arts District. Our unique blend of affordable housing, studios, and performance space for qualifying artists makes us an unique and much-needed force in the development of artists not fortunate enough to have the backing of a major gallery or wealthy patron. As the only community-based arts space in the Arts District, Art Share L.A. empowers those excluded from the exclusive fine arts circles to explore creativity, hone their crafts, and develop professionally.

We are open to the public Wednesday – Sunday from 1:00 – 6:00PM and most evenings for performances starting at 7:00PM.  Stop by to see our latest gallery show or to visit with one of our many studio artists.

If you are an artist, we encourage you to submit your works during one of our two submissions each year – October & April.  If you are an art appreciator, check out our events program and stop in for one of our many concerts, spoken work or script reading events.  All are open to the public and most are affordable or free!

See you at Art Share!


Art Share L.A. was founded as a community arts center and affordable housing complex during a time when inner-city arts programming was non-existent and artists were being displaced by the skyrocketing property value and rent increases. The average rental rate for a loft in 1990 was $0.25cents/square foot – today, the average rental rate is pushing $1.35/square foot.

At the turn of the century, Art Share flourished as an after-school arts center for youth ages 12-18, and experienced tremendous success shaping student lives through exposure to the arts. Following the 2008 recession, the non-profit landscape and demographics of the neighborhood had both changed drastically, and Art Share found itself in dire need of programmatic reassessment and building repair.

The summer of 2012 was a revolutionary period for Art Share, in which we re-opened our doors and re-launched our programs. The organization underwent a strategic rebranding and assessment, with help from our neighbors at brand consulting firm Innovation Protocol, and new board members and new managing staff joined the team. The building’s exterior received a killer paint job with help from international street artist, INSA — transforming the space into a vibrant downtown landmark. In addition, that summer Art Share hosted the largest community exhibition the gallery had ever seen. Entitled “25 Cents a Square Foot”, the show featured over 100 pieces that told the story of the Arts District.

Board Members

Kevin Rodin – President
Kevin Rodin has worked in the Arts District for most of the last five years as a developer of innovative and sustainable affordable housing. He has been working in nonprofits and nonprofit management for over ten years. He partners with organizations and other entrepreneurs to bring catalytic change and usher in jobs and affordable housing to underserved neighborhoods. He is now the Principal of Community Development Resource Group (CD-RG), a strategic and financial consultancy focused on driving resources to disadvantaged communities. Music is his thing.

Dave Hunt (Started July 1, 2015) – Vice President

Dave Hunt is president and founder of DG Hunt & Associates, an art consulting and project management firm specializing in large scale art-in-architecture programs. With a background in design and architecture, his practice is rooted in the cultivation of relationships and collaborations between the “art world” and the “real world”. Over the years he has worked with a wide range of artists, architects, developers, and public art organizations throughout Southern California and beyond, but his primary focus continues to be in the arts and business communities of downtown LA.

Samantha Martin – Secretary
Samantha is the Marketing Director for CBRE Southern California where she oversees a team of 30 creatives that supports nearly a half billion dollars of revenue. Previously, she served as an Operations and Sales Manager where she led business planning and development. Sam continues to focus on joining the science of business with the art of marketing to develop winning strategies. (Started July 1, 2015)

Eric Needleman – Treasurer
Eric is a principal in the Spirited Group, a hospitality company that owns and operates venues throughout the Western United States. Based in Los Angeles, the company has 15 venues locally with additional locations in San Diego, CA and Austin, TX. Eric entered the hospitality industry in 2004, with his investment in the Golden Gopher. He then partnered to open Seven Grand in 2007, a bar that is largely credited with establishing the cocktail renaissance in Los Angeles, and Caña Rum Bar in 2009, which specializes in small batch rum and classic rum cocktails. The Spirited Group was founded in 2010. (Started July 1, 2015)

Pamela Ashlund 
Pam is the Director of Finance at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. She is a current resident of the vibrant Downtown LA’s Historic Core. With over twenty years of nonprofit experience, Pam is passionate about connecting the community with much needed resources and services. She values keeping in touch with the art community and, toward that end, founded and curates a Street Art and Graffiti gallery on Instagram. See her work at @graffcatz on Instagram. (Started July 1, 2016)

Tanner Blackman
Tanner Blackman is a partner at Kindel Gagan Public Affairs Advocacy and an adjunct instructor of Urban Planning at USC’s Price School of Public Policy. He has previously worked as Planning Director of LA’s Council District 14, a lecturer at the Future Initiatives Program (SCIFI) at the Southern California Institute of Architecture, and an urban planner for the City of LA, where he led efforts to end Los Angeles’ Mural Moratorium. Tanner is a board member of the Do Art Foundation, serves on the Exhibits Committee of the Architecture & Design Museum (A+D), and advises various non-profit arts organizations. (Started July 1, 2015)

Mona Lee
Mona has been a resident of the Arts District since the early 90’s and has seen the gentrification of our neighborhood. As a long time supporter of artists and their works, Mona joined Art Share L.A.’s board to further her involvement.

Daniel Lisi
Daniel is the CEO of Game Over, an independent video game development studio. Lisi produces a range of literary events, gallery exhibits, and film projects in Los Angeles. He is the author of World of Warcraft, a book on the social and cultural effects of the online game World of Warcraft. (Started June 1, 2015)

Mark Walsh
Mark Walsh has lived and worked in the Arts District since 1987 as a sculptor and freelance designer. He owns the Downtown Artist Space, which rents out workspace and tools. He also produces web videos that promote the arts in Los Angeles. (Started July 1, 2014)

Advisory Board

Rick Robinson – Former President
Rick Robinson is a fine artist and advertising professional. He has been a deeply immersed citizen of the LA Arts District since 1992, working with community-based groups from the start. He is the outgoing Art Share Board President, having served since 2012. His current professional assignment is that of Chief Strategy Officer for Billups – http://billups.com/.  You can see his artwork at http://primitivepop.net/

The Team

Cheyanne Sauter, Executive Director
Cheyanne is a proud Los Angeles native and has been a nonprofit professional for over 15 years. In early 2000, she helped create the Gallery Row Organization, which birthed the Downtown Art Walk. Her expertise lies in program development, fundraising and building relationships. January 1, 2014 was Cheyanne’s first official day at Art Share L.A., but she joined the organization as Interim Executive Director in July 2013 because she saw the true potential in this organization. Since then, she has been passionately committed to Art Share L.A.’s mission.  

John Jason, Events Manager
John currently works at Art Share L.A. as the Events Manager, handling all the event programing and space rentals. Previously, he assisted in program and administrative management at a nonprofit after-school youth organization. His experience as the Event Manager has given him first-hand knowledge of Art Share L.A. and the workings of the Arts District neighborhood, as well as the development of many relationships with local artists and businesses. Through his work, John has become an integral part of the Arts District community and works closely with many artists who work, live, and come to Art Share L.A. to create.

Kim Secoquian, Gallery Assistant
Kim is a second-generation American and a first-generation college student in her family. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, her move to Los Angeles was motivated by continuing her education at CSULA for her Master’s degree in Art History. She found Art Share L.A. online while looking for volunteer arts positions, and worked six months as the gallery attendant. When the time came for Art Share L.A. to hire more people, she leapt at the opportunity. She strongly believes in Art Share L.A.’s mission to be an accessible resource for emerging artists in the Los Angeles area and hopes that we inspire others to work at the communal level to build a brighter future for the arts.

Liz Carranza, Program Assistant
Liz was born and raised here in Los Angeles. Growing up, she heavily relied upon her imagination to educate and entertain herself. This led her to develop and practice art in her own ways. In 2014, She gathered the courage to start submitting for gallery shows – Art Share L.A. featured her first ever exhibit. She decided to begin volunteering there as a gallery attendant and two years later, officially joined the team as a Program Assistant and also as the DJ for all the gallery openings. She loves Art Share L.A. and all the people that make this magic happen every day.

Jinny Jung, Grants/Development Assistant
Jinny began her B.A. at University of Southern California in Biology, but switched to Health and Humanity when she tapped into an extremely passionate drive for supporting social impact and change. This passion is reflected in her years of nonprofit experience, which has included working with maternal health, social entrepreneurship, and public policy research centers. She is proud to bring her passion to Art Share L.A. and is determined to make the building as accessible as possible.

Terry Ellsworth, Ambassador Extraordinaire
Terry joined Art Share L.A. five years ago, when it was rebuilding itself from the ashes administratively, financially, and physically. As a long-time Arts District resident and community staple, he brought decades of extensive art experience and saw the building’s great potential in revitalizing the Arts District. Today, he is proud to see Art Share L.A. living up to its mission, and can be found walking the hallways of the building sharing his stories, or hanging up artwork for gallery shows.