Psychic Empowerment Urban Retreat: “Hello, Me!…Hello, Universe!”


Part 1:  “Hello, Me!:  Clearing The Junk To Reveal The REAL You”:

  • meditation basics/brief chakra and aura overview
  • key psychic tool to release foreign energy
  • key psychic tool to self-heal, revitalize, and call back your energy to feel like “you” again
  • key psychic tool to get “out of your head” and into your intuition
  • the art of visualization
  • getting in touch with your inner child vibration, dreams, and highest enthusiasm

Part 2: “Hello, Universe!:  How To Work With Universal Energy to Heal, Nourish, Create

  • how to connect with universal healing energy
  • key psychic tool to bring in body healing
  • key psychic tool to bring in spirit healing
  • using universal energy to clear your body/aura/chakras of other people’s energy and demands
  • key psychic tool to clear emotional trauma, unwanted behavioral patterns, and increase neutrality
  • the art of create/destroy to get “unstuck”
June 24: Advanced Psychic Empowerment Urban Retreat: “You, The Spiritual Superhero… You, The Miracle Maker”
Prerequisite: “Hello, Me!…Hello, Universe!”


Part 1:  “You, The Spiritual Superhero:  A Psychic Self-Defense Class”

  • Key psychic protection tool
  • Key psychic separation tool
  • How to use your psychic tools in real life
  • Using your creativity to customize your tools

Part 2: “You, The Miracle Maker: Getting What You Want In The Spirit of Genie Lamps”

  • Key psychic tool to set your intentions and to manifest desires in reality
  • How to set your miracle space
  • 3 key components of goal/ intention setting & manifestation