Perpetrating collage, assemblage, and related mixed-media mental mashups, these artists plug in power tools and run with scissors, slice into stencils, and hammer, glue, shred and weave as required. Narrative is the muse, raw ingredient, and sacrifice of their (de)constructions in space and poetics.

Exhibition: 7/19 – 8/6
Opening Night: 7/22, 7-10PM

Lorraine Bubar
Ellen Cantor
J. Cherie
Patrice Dworkin
Carlos Grasso
Jennifer Gunlock
Patricia Liverman
D.A. Metrov
Carmelo Midili
Jeff Morrical
The Perez Bros (Vicente & Alejandro)
Ellen Schinderman
Anni Terrazzo
Aimee Thieu

Free parking across Hewitt St. (look for the Aztec calendar). Promotional image created with original work by Aimee Thieu.