Darrell Mitchell II

a.k.a – D – Mitch The Poet

Darrell Mitchell, II is an inspiring poet, author, actor, radio personality, motivational speaker and CEO of DM InK Publishing Company and current Vice President of the BWOT & Southern California Business Expo in Los Angeles, Ca.  Currently Darrell host and produces four internet radio shows, as well as monthly publishing workshops and seminars in the areas of creative writing, book publishing and art.  The author has written and published books internationally with english and spanish versions since 1999. He has also produced and written three spoken word albums, consisting of thirty recorded spoken word poems total.  The catalog of intellectual property also includes eight ebooks, a four piece line of artwork called “words in color”, and  inspirational brand products from t-shirts to key chains.  

The author has a total of ten published books and two best selling “How To Books” in the areaOF BUSINESS  and creative writing which he conducts the workshops and seminars after.   He has co – founded and facilitated numberous spoken word poetry monthly events, venues, lounges such as the Icon Poetry Live Showcase and the Love Jones L.A. Cafe & Lounge.  Mr Mitchell also has consulted and launched community outreach programs for EDUCATIONAL  institutions and after school programs for young adults like DM Ink for Kids which is a weekly/monthly childrens poetry, art , and a reading program.  

A few times a year he also performs and host events as a impresario at the L.A Opera, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles which is also called the L.A Music center as well as other events throughout California and the Atlanta, Georgia metro area. The author’s books, workshops and seminars has been described as profesional, EDUCATIONAL and motivational. Most importantly he represents a family-friendly brand, which address everyday aspects of life and offers a different perspective. Through his work the author has moved generations, influenced ideas, and empowered readers and listeners to enjoy life and achieve their dreams.