From aerial photography to the fractal trajectories of birds taking wing, the alchemical mathematics of the human genome and the majesty of sacred geometry, the symphonics of computer code and the fundamentals of design — the human mind is tireless in its quest to recognize resonance of the micro and macro principles that organize our world.

Exhibition 7/6 – 7/23

Gallery Opening: July 9, 7-10 PM


Andy Bauch
Nicholas Bonamy
Lorraine Bubar
Eliza Day-Green
Annabelle Del Valle
Dani Dodge
Danielle Eubank
Alex Gonzalez
Daniel Leighton
Marianne Magne
Susan Melly
Osceola Refetoff
Maria Serrano
Sarah Stone
Johnny Taylor

Flight Patterns is part of the Art Share L.A. Spring 2016 Gallery Season.