Folk Music meets Just Intonation in a night of original pieces and re-imagined classics.

– Music of Larry Polanksy: “ii-v-i” – A guitar duet; “Daughter of Piker” – A flute solo based on a traditional Shaker song; “Will You Miss Me?” – A Carter Family arrangement that hasn’t been performed since the 80’s

– Music of James Tenney: a rare performance of “Harmonium #2″ by Larry Polansky and Giacomo Fiore.

– Three premieres for string quartet by Kraig Grady, Terumi Narushima, and Melinda Rice

– Music of Garry Eister: Three Songs about Folk People: 1. Pretty Little Horses, 2. The Prisoner, 3. The Hearty Bounty

– Music of Laura Steenberge: A set folk arrangements for voice and refretted viola da gamba including “Hello Stranger,” “Michael Row the Boat Ashore,” “Wild Mountain Thyme,” and more.

– Three Thirds perform Woody Guthrie’s “Pastures of Plenty” and “Buffalo Skinner” + their original songs “Dreams of Fishes” and “The Five.”

Garry Eister, Giacomo Fiore & Larry Polansky, guitars • Christine Tavolacci, flute • Laura Steenberge, viola da gamba
Three Thirds – Alex Wand, Just Intonation National guitar; Heather Lockie, viola; Claire Chenette, oboe/english horn; and Jacob Rosenzweig, bass, Melinda Rice, Mona Tian, Andrew McIntosh, and Ashley Walters, string quartet