Kicking off the beginning of a brand new gallery season with this show curated by Edgar Garcia.

On the Grid #
Our very lives as occupants of Los Angeles are shaped and delineated by the inescapable overlaid geometry of our urban grid- its horizontality, intersections, offshoots and deviations. From the original stamp on the landscape by our city’s settlers to now, our location and our movement through this geography and our interplay with this space and its forms continues to define our identity as Angelenos.

These selected works by local artists offer glimpses into our urbanity, an urbanity at times elusive and other times fully present and aware. The awakened consciousness of the artists to their surroundings has produced a set of works that reveal the internalized city. These works are grounded by their fully realized sense of place and an understanding of our city that transcends urban fetishizing and otherness. At moment when Los Angeles is in the midst of transformational change both physical and spiritual, these works by local artists capture the forms, figures, and essence of our city and home.

Exhibition: 8/9 – 8/27
Opening Night: 8/12, 7-10PM

Douglas Alvarez
Diane Cockerill
Natalia Cruz
Henry de Jesus
Betsy Enzensberger
Luis Favela
Jorge Gallegos
Jessus Hernandez
Mark Indig
E.M. Kalifornia
Mike Murphy
Jamie Naqvi
Michelle Robinson