Southland Ensemble: Ghost Trance Music

“events that start but do not end”

Southland Ensemble presents an evening of Anthony Braxton’s Ghost Trance Music. Written between 1995 – 2006, Braxton created over 100 of these compositions that serve as pathways between different notation systems and musical idioms.

Composition No. 228
Composition No. 245
Composition No. 358

with special guests:
Corey Fogel, Andrew Munsey, Leah Paul, Stephanie Richards, Dave Tranchina & Argenta Walther

“In my system, every piece is an orchestra piece, every piece is a chamber piece, every piece is a solo piece. But that’s just on one plane. On the second plane, the bass part of “Composition 83″ can itself be extracted and played by four hundred flutes with tambourines. Or it can be taken and played backwards, and hooked to something else. Finally, every composition of mine can be placed in a summation logic context, where it will aid the predominant voices of whatever identity it is aligned with. This is a context of structural connections that can be viewed in the same way that we talk of an erector set, that can be put together in different ways depending upon the needs of the moment.”
– Anthony Braxton, 1995 interview

Ticket Information:
$20 at the door / $15 in advance general
$10 at the door /$7.50 in advance student