We’re back! Welcome to ULICON 2017, our third year running.

This year, we’re finally introducing the theme that everyone has been asking for and expecting: Wizards! Prepare to delve deep into the eternal mysteries of the Aether, to bind mighty Demons with the power of your voice, and take part in contests of magic most arcane!

This year we will be serving snacks and water, as well as properly ventilating the place so it doesn’t get so dang hot. Come try out our Wizard’s Sanctum, a place to relax and explore the outer realms in another reality. Test the strength of your friendship by signing up for the LARP battle tournament! We also have puzzles and trivia!

We strongly encourage dressing up for the part. Uli will personally give you a wink AND a smile if you dress up like a Wizard or like some sort of magical being.

Takes place downtown at the LA Art Share. Plenty of parking in the mall nearby!