Up next in our gallery season: UnSilent Spring curated by Qathryn Brehm.

This show focuses on flora and fauna, and the adjustments we are making so they can survive and thrive.

In 1962, Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring was published. This landmark book of the 20th century was inspired by a letter from a friend speaking of the large bird kills that had occurred on Cape Cod as a result of the widespread use of the pesticide DDT. Alarmed by the damage to wildlife, Carson spent several years studying and researching the effects of supposedly safe substances before writing a book that wakened our consciousness to how fragile our environment is.

Nature is meant to survive. Sometimes that survival feels like a hopeless cause as we combat the challenges of ever more toxic substances and, as Carson would no doubt point out, global warming.

Lust for life in all forms aids the cause. The earth will continue to change, roots will go deeper to find new water sources, insects will adapt to new pesticides, flora will bring forth protective thorns and thistles, and as a community we will learn to adapt to and support these changes so we may all thrive.

UnSilent Spring takes a look at how artists interpret these changes to inform us of their effects, continuing the good work of Rachel Carson and others since. This art makes us aware of the dreams and stories told by the flora and fauna with which we co-exist. These artists do this so future springs will not be silent.

Exhibition: 8/30 – 9/17
Opening Night: Sat. 9/8, 7-10PM

Joshua Abarbanel
Chuka Susan Chesney
Alex Dakos
Larry A. Davis
Laurel Gerber
Paul Juno
Whitman Lindstrom
Billy Pacak
John Park
Sarah Stone
Jill Sykes