Recap: Defiance of Juncture July 10th – August 21st

Our hearts were full as we welcomed visitors back into the space! We were so happy to see smiles, hug friends, and talk about the amazing artists and what we expect from our world going forward.

Defiance of Juncture will be on view at @ArtShare_LA located at 801 E. 4th Place, Los Angeles, CA 90013 on view to the public through August 21st. Exhibition Hours: Weds-Sat, 1-5 pm, Closed Sun, Mon. & Tues. Please contact info@artsharela.org for more information or private viewing.

Artists in the Exhibition: 

b4flightLeigh BarbierChelle Barbour, Chantal Barlow, Cody BayneDaniela GarciaAmoura GonzalesSamira Idroos, Jessi Jumanji, Miriam Kruishoop, Carmen MardonezMichael Massenburg, Amy McCormacRosalyn Myles, Duane PaulIsaac PelayoAntonio Pelayo, Prime K2S, Leigh Salgado, and Mark “Bit” Savage.

Check out the Films of Defiance of Juncture and the Q + A’s with the artists as we discuss the origins of the film and their feelings upon creation. – Films by Miriam Kruishoop, Amoura Gonzales, and B4_Flight.