Art Share Presents

8:00 PM—9:00 PM

Our monthly series, Art Share Presents, returns with an eclectic mix of conceptual dance and music featuring:

No Dancing Today by Dalel Bacre

Lesbian Blues, Yellows & Reds by Eva Gonzalez

Love & Mingus by choreographers/dancers and violinists from USC


Doors at 7:30, show 8-9, reception to follow

Free admission!


Dalel Bacre is an artist and choreographer from Mexico who uses body movements and interpretations through scenic performances to push the boundaries of contemporary art. Her studies expanded beyond dance to incorporate theater, contemporary art, and Kung Fu.

Bacre has received numerous accolades from international dance festivals, including the Pearls and the Artist Prize Award at the Pool-Internationales TanzFilmFesitval Berlin and an honorable mention from the Bucharest International Dance Film Festival. She has also collaborated with many international dance and theater companies.

No Dancing Today is a tribute to the body as its own, unique entity. Inspired by Bacre’s study of corporeality and the movements of animals and people, the conjunctural, accidental, and unexpected coexist through choreography, allowing the creation of a sublime moment. Bacre combines technical and aesthetic tools  — a mask and a turntable — with physical performance, particularly an internal rotation of her lower extremities (intoeing), which she calls “the body inverted.” This is at the heart of her choreography: through biomechanics she seeks to evoke a unique, ephemeral moment. The work she has created lives in a zone of hybridization between dance and performance, rehearsed choreography and improvisation.

Original Mask Design by Arturo Lugo “Chino”




LA-based queer creative Eva Gonzalez writes honest songs about life’s intricacies. Whether fronting a punk band or jazz combo, Eva’s measured passion leaves a haunting impression on her audiences. Her own music slips between blues and folk-rock, with careful lyrics and a sense of humor.  While primarily a pianist, these days, Eva mostly plays synthesizer with post-punk band Morye, and ukulele and pedalboard for her solo work. Her latest project uses hand-processed, abstract animated films to bring her original music to life.

Lesbian Blues, Yellows & Reds is a performance comprised of projected visuals and original music. The songs feature a unique soundscape woven from pedals, acoustic ukulele and the occasional synth. The visuals are handmade analog films that use direct and experimental animation techniques. Reels of 16mm and Super8 film are processed with dye, paint, stamps and scratches. LBY&R can never be exactly replicated. The pedals behave differently each time the songs are played, and the animation is also prone to mistakes and cracks. LBY&R is an interactive piece, in which both the audience and the performer journey through the piece together, ultimately creating a unique, collaborative viewing experience.




Love & Mingus is a collaborative hour long show brewed in the Thornton and Kaufman Schools at USC. Works from the solo and ensemble violin repertoire are woven with contemporary dance and built around the collaborative spirit and friendships developed between the students of the two schools.

The choreographers and dancers of Thomas McManus’s and Jennifer Lott’s studios are at the forefront of creating a new model for dance—a hybrid art form expressed in new media, scholarship, studio practice, music, choreography and performance for the 21st century. The violinists from Lina Bahn’s studio at the Thornton School of Music have won many competitions and performed with orchestras all around the world. Their talents extend beyond the violin to include pop production, piano performance, lighting, art, composition, cooking, and sleep deprivation.

Art Share Presents is a monthly performing arts showcase for innovative concepts in live performance. The series unifies established & emerging talent, creating a space that presents a deep variety of culture and emotion, aesthetic and media.

Art Share Presents is curated around an open submissions pool, which provides access and opportunity to ambitious creators of all performance disciplines who wish to exercise their craft. Submissions can be complete standalone shows or shorter pieces to be included among other works. Presentations are selected by our Performing Arts Committee, whose members represent a diverse body of disciplines and practices. Be a part of the Los Angeles arts community every first Friday of the month!