Art Share Presents: February

8:00 PM—9:00 PM
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Art Share Presents is back, this time featuring four artists:

“What a Ride” by Aarón Alonso

“Derive” by Derive

“Hymns From Her Heavenly Meadow” by Sakile Odimo and Ensemble

“Timelapse” by George Sarah Ensemble


Doors at 7:30pm, show 8–9pm, reception with artists to follow!

Admission is FREE!

Synopsis of “What a Ride”

The artist preferably wishes to never give a synopsis of his acts so the audience has the liberty of interpreting the piece as they perceive it. This is for the same reason described in his bio/artist statement describing an ephemeral moment shared between the performer and audience.

Biography of Aarón Alonso 

Aarón Alonso’s performances are curated around the belief that life is made up of unexpected incidents where adaptation is necessary. Although originally from Cd. Juárez, México, Alonso lives in Los Angeles, California. His unique practice of performance art is a response to the restrictive and formulaic design requisites of comedy as a commodity. Alonso extends comedy as an art practice revealing reality through humorous yet emotionally significant vignettes. Alonso’s performance(s) is a personal and entertaining testament of who he is: a jovial yet critical observant liaison between the stage and the audience. Continuous spontaneity is only one of the many stage comedic practices and occurrences, which define his comedic outlook. This consists of a series of pure elements and acts designed to have an ongoing compassionate, authentic and innocent interaction between the performer and the viewers. Alonso’s interest is in the development of an organic multidisciplinary experience of live acts composed of short narrative, slapstick/clown and improvisational comedy which lead to a singular ephemeral moment.

Alonso was hired by The Second City in Chicago and went through the preliminary round auditions for Saturday Night Live. He practiced extensively for 6 years doing sketch and improvisation. All of this resulted in deep disappointment and disillusion by the predictable formula of comedy, which he now understands is being developed as a mere product. Alonso started creating his own style of comedy after realizing that an understanding and interpretation of comedy was contingent upon a nuanced understanding of the element of surprise. This realization led Alonso to seek a deeper practice of comedy as a clown at the École Phlippe Gaulier in France which now defines the spontaneity of his performances. Each happening that is created by Alonso is only presented twice; for as soon as they become predictable for the performer, a new act is designed.

As a performance artist for the last 5 years, his acts continue to evolve and reveal his understanding of comedy and structural elements through reflection of self and life philosophy. Through Alonso, a rough yet soft, anxious yet calm, and abrupt yet meditative character forms. This is demonstrated via the materials used to manufacture the set, sound and outfit. Alonso transcends traditional comedy as he creates worlds comprised of what is and what can be.

His acts depict Alonso’s theory of how to live: for the sake of self-happiness and the extension of that happiness to the world.

Synopsis of “Derive”

You will be experiencing a performance created on the spot, and you are a participant in the process of creating these music. The narrative is connected by an organic flow between different musical styles, and between improvised and composed music. The improvisation may be an elaborations based on a song; it maybe deriving itself from the gesture, atmosphere and harmonic language of a composed piece; it may be completely free of boundary and simply expressing what we experience in the moment, etc. The multitude of styles is to provide a kaleidoscopic lens through which the audiences can listen to the music with meaning, emotion and thoughts under one topic–the art of present.

Biography of Derive

Founded by two prizewinning classical musicians who refuse play by the rules, Derive is a piano/cello duo that features primarily improvised music. We strive for musical experiences that combines different musical styles and elements in a way that serves the narrative of the performance. While the duo was born out of classical music, you are just likely to find pop/rock, modal, minimalistic and Avant-garde elements in our performance, ultimately serving the most basic truth; music is music. Fried and Bian met as doctoral candidates in music performance at USC.

Synopsis of “Hymns From Her Heavenly Meadow”

An immersive performance that collides spoken word, movement, and music, taking the audience on a journey of self love through the artist perspective of Sakile. Showing the passing and the resurrection of the Sista, Hymns From Her Heavenly Meadow is an exaltation and celebration of life, love, being black and being open.

Biography of Sakile Odimo and Ensemble

Sakile Odimo is a writer, activist, artist, and collaborator who merges art forms together, to provide a new and thought provoking way to tell stories that validate and authentically show the communities she identifies with; while deconstructing the stereotypes and caricatures that surrounds those communities. She is born and raised in Los Angeles and has had her work featured in Junior High Art Gallery (We Real Cool) , galleryGomezLA (People of Paradise) , and Art Share LA (The Sable Dragonfly: An Ode to My Black Female Body). Her work has been published in, They/Us Magazine, A Celebration of Young Poets, People of Paradise: A Collection of Work, and twice self published with her first chapbook Sista Curls and her sophomore chapbook, Hymns From Her Heavenly Meadow.

Synopsis of “Timelapse”

Electronic/classical post industrial music with a string quartet.

Biography of George Sarah Ensemble

George Sarah is an Electronic composer and multi-instrumentalist. Born in Seoul, South Korea, he moved to the USA at the age of five. He has garnered critical acclaim for his unique brand of electronic acoustic music bridging the normally discrete musical worlds of electronic, industrial and classical.