Art Share Presents: March

8:00 PM—9:00 PM
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Art Share Presents is back, this time featuring four artists:

“Flow Home” by Rissi, Principal Dancer of Sokamba

“Three Compositions for Improvisers” by The Present Quartet

“Autumn” by Samuel Hernandez

“Conscious Hip-Hop” by Ten-Headed Skeleton


Doors at 7:30pm, show 8–9pm, reception with artists to follow!

Admission is FREE!

Synopsis of “Flow Home”

The 15 minute dance performance piece Flow Home explores the challenging and meaningful journey of finding peace beyond the wounds of loss. Reflecting on the ever-evolving state of our spirits, the piece moves through the lingering pain that the physical separation of death introduces, dives deeper into the light that is the destination of all life and flows into the peace that rests within the living breath. Physical and expressive, this performance piece is comprised of structured improvisation to remain true to its intent, intuition and emotion. Live music elements are created and performed by Neaz Kohani (shruti box/vocals) and Jamie Lew (percussion).

Biography of Rissi, Principal Dancer of Sokamba

Rissi Zimmermann has a deep passion for developing experiences which bring people joy. She strives to create safe spaces which liberate self-expression as a channel for communication across diverse communities.

During her young life, Rissi trained in classical ballet and twice received Exceptional Distinction under the Royal Academy of Dance, placed within the top 10 performances of the World Tap Championship and became the South-German track team champion. At age 15, she moved to New York City to attend the Fame School – LaGuardia High School of the Performing Arts – where she was honored with the Father Fame award for Excellence in Academics & Dance and graduated with an Advanced Regents Diploma in Math and Science.

Rissi has been grateful to enjoy a dance career which has led her from cities across Europe to New York and Los Angeles, working with artists such as James Taylor, The Plain White T’s, Pink Floyd, Jodie Gates, Bradley Rapier and Meredith Monk; performing in projects such as the TV pilot Leaps and Bounds, the UN World-Peace-Day video Secret Weapon, the LA Fashion Week and the modern adaption of Opera Virtutum. Rissi completed her studies at the University of Southern California as a recipient of the POSSE Full Tuition Leadership Scholarship and since has led a series of Initiatives in community building through the arts, including the elementary school program Imagining America: Community Leaders.

In 2012, Rissi founded the Los Angeles based SOKAMBA Performing Arts Company with the mission to foster roots of unity through the inclusive spirit of the arts. SOKAMBA is a collective of artists that produces live multimedia art shows, creative educational workshops and performing arts classes. The collective is sponsored by C3: Center for Conscious Creativity and Artist in Residence at the Vortex Dome LA – located on LA Center Studios, the production home for several television series and feature films such as Mad Men, The Voice, Die Hard, The Dark Knight Rises and Law & Order LA.

Synopsis of “Three Compositions for Improvisers”

After working exclusively in free improvisation, the Present Quartet introduce pre-ordained material and structures into their practice. This set consists of premieres of compositions by Burr, LeBaron, and Sharp dealing with communication, exchange, and reciprocity in improvisation. 

Biography of The Present Quartet

Their collective resume includes work with creative musicians from Abrams, Bailey, Berger, Braxton, and Centazzo onwards, as well as performances of traditional and contemporary classical music, and non- Western, popular, and underground musics. Their backgrounds and experience encompass composition, teaching, writing, radio DJing, concert production, and nonmusical pursuits.

Ellen Burr has played and presented clinics on improvising around the world. She created a multi-disciplinary improvisation club at Wichita State University where she was visiting professor for 2010-11 and formed and guided the LACollective from 2009-12. Her improvisation card game “Ink Bops” is included in Theresa Sauer’s 2008 graphic score anthology, Notations 21. Burr, a Yamaha Artist, received her MM in composition from CalArts.

Charles Sharp is a multi-instrumentalist and composer and has Ph.D. in ethnomusicology from UCLA. His research focuses on hermeneutic phenomenology and experimental, improvised, music. He co-hosts Trilogy on KLXU, a weekly show of creative music, teaches music history, and leads an improvisation ensemble at CSU Fullerton. 

Anne LeBaron, an internationally recognized composer and harpist, earned her DMA in Music Composition from Columbia University. In the past year, several dozen performances of her music were programmed worldwide, and she was featured on a major concert tour in Australia and New Zealand, sponsored by the Totally Huge New Music Festival and U.S. Artists International. LeBaron is professor in the Music Composition and Experimental Sound Practices, School of Music at CalArts She also serves as Chair of the Board of American Composers Forum.

Jeff Schwartz plays various styles of classical, popular, and experimental music, especially free jazz and its offshoots. His day job is at the Santa Monica Public Library, where he organizes the Soundwaves concert series. He received his PhD in American Studies from Bowling Green State University. His publications include Free Jazz: A Research and Information Guide (Routledge 2018).

Biography of Samuel Hernandez

Samuel Hernandez is a singer/songwriter, musician, poet, and dancer raised in South Carolina and Boyle Heights. They have performed and written music for various artists, bands, theater plays, and organizations such as Pardon Me Sir, Matthew Cuban, Street Poets INC, the Big Orange Door at the Rosenthal Theater in Inner-City Arts.

Samuel also facilitates writing/healing workshops for schools, community centers, and juvenile prisons where he does storytelling and teaches guitar. Currently, they are recording their first album and developing an arts organization for youth in underserved communities.

Synopsis of “Conscious Hip-Hop”

“Honest, Raw, Hip-Hop”- Korea Daily Newspaper 

Biography of Ten-Headed Skeleton

There was a war in Vietnam four decades ago. Hundreds of villages were bombed, leaving innocent people without homes, jobs, or food for themselves – let alone their children. Thousands of these children, many of whom were born as the result of rape by or prostitution to soldiers from the invading army, were taken in by families in other countries.