Community Sing

8:00 PM—9:30 PM
  • This event has passed.

Community Sing is a group singing experience that has become a regular creativity practice for many because it fuels the mind and the body.

No experience is necessary to play.

In this event, you can expect to:

Collaborate with other like-minded beautiful souls:
Make music together.
Tap into your inherent musicality.
Upload your internal music library.
Unlock your creativity in a supportive environment.
Feel Liberated & Have fun.

We sing our way into spontaneous musical compositions with harmonies and interlocking rhythmic grooves, encouraging each other and exploring solos.
We create live art installations inspired by the art in the gallery.

All are welcome!
“It’s remarkable how familiar and normal it feels after just a few moments.”

Kate has been leading singing circles since 1998 inspired by Vox Mundi Project with Silvia Nakkach and then there was a catapult in 2004 into Vocal River with Rhiannon. Supporting each other in a creative process, building musicianship, exploring what’s possible, being the change we wish to see in the world – all these are alive in the experience of singing together in this practice. Please join us and Sing for Yourself.