Equal Sound First Thursdays @ Art Share L.A.

8:00 PM—11:00 PM

An evening of physical extremes featuring noise metal band Blood Oath and violist Diana Wade in a program that includes Berio’s Sequenza VI and Andrew Norman’s Sabina

Equal Sound’s First Thursdays series at Art Share continues with an evening of physical extremes. Blood Oath is a modular noise metal band led by Ulrich Krieger, focused on opening new paths by bringing together different extreme sound approaches and techniques. Violist Diana Wade charges hard on a program featuring Italian postmodernist composer Luciano Berio’s Sequenza VI and Rome Prize winner Andrew Norman’s Sabina. This is music you cannot ignore.

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Equal Sound introduces listeners to new music by breaking down the traditional confines of musical genres. With our First Thursdays series partnership with Art Share LA, we bring together artists from diverse musical worlds to illuminate the threads between them.