Exhibition Opening: On the Ground LA

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Exhibition Opening: 5:00 – 8:00 PM

Mask required to keep our artistic community healthy.

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Bar, Limited Edition Merch and Live dj set by @6amlosangeles

Art Share L.A. is pleased to present “On The Ground: 2020 Protests and the Untold Stories of Los Angeles”, an immersive photography exhibition opening on Saturday, November 6th, 2021 at Art Share Los Angeles’ Main and Perimeter Galleries.

On The Ground: Los Angeles – In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, thousands of people took to the streets of Los Angeles and around the world to protest. A handful of those people showed up with cameras to document the history unfolding. Little did we all know how much those summer months would bring us together and change us forever. From the frontlines of the civil unrest, a community of photographers was forged. With daily battles being waged between citizens and law enforcement, those of us consistently on the ground bonded, and became a source of support and inspiration for one another.

Many of the stories of what was happening on the ground each day never made it onto news headlines, leaving many truths unseen and unknown. This show pays tribute to the stories and relationships that were integral to how we collectively document and remember history. We stand in solidarity with all those who risked themselves to ensure that the truth of the streets was not only seen and heard, but conveyed in a way that respected each community. We are honored to call each of the photographers in this show friends and it has been a pleasure to create this space for the community. – Kemal and Rocky

Untold Stories – Much of what we see on TV and news sites are edited down to fit within 90 seconds or word counts, leaving many stories on the ground level of our communities untold. Without these stories, we are missing important details that provide a more complete picture of what really happens in our cities. We hope this collection of stories and photos brings you closer to the unseen parts of Los Angeles. By knowing these stories we get a more in-depth view and greater understanding of the city we live in.

Artists In The Exhibition:

Mike Ade, Gabriella Angotti-jones, Ashley Balderrama, Jimmy Bonks, Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin, Donato Bragagnolo, Anthony Carrillo, Kemal Cilengir, Mike Dennis, Enkrypt LA, Brian Feinzimer, Gilbert Godoy, Victor Greenwood, Samanta Helou Hernandez, Alexis Hunley, Jett Lara, Las Fotos Project, Jenae Lien, Rob Liggins, Bryan Mendez, Leah Minium, Raquel Natalicchio, Michael Omeka, Jeremy Paige, Rex Ramirez, Lexis-Olivier Ray, Steven (Koreano 213), Suitcase Joe, Raven Trammell, and Rayna Zemel.

main image credit: Lexis Olivier-Ray