Fields, Factories, Fame, and Fallacies

08/28/2021 - 09/26/2021
  • This event has passed.

Art Share L.A. is pleased to present “Fields, Factories, Fame, and Fallacies”, a group survey highlighting contemporary artists across multiple art practices opening on Saturday, August 28th in Art Share Los Angeles’ Main Gallery. In this exhibition, the artists take a look into the forms of cultural and social reproduction interpreting these forms through materials and experiences. How does each of these categories play a role in the life cycle of humanity? Who are the characters? What are the events? What are the developments? What experiences do we pass along from each culture to advance the larger society? How has the work from the field transferred to large city factories? Where is the relationship between fame and fallacy? At what point does fame become enigmatic? What are the shared values of the art world? Of family? Of life? Marginalized under the media’s eye. 

Artists In The Exhibition

Matt Deifer, Adrienne DeVine, Erin DeVine, Chiho Harazaki, Buena Johnson, Rachael Kucken, S.C. Mero, Wayne Perry, Vanessa Rivera, Shahla Rahimi Reynolds, Toni Scott, Monica Seggos, Floyd Strickland, and Adrienne Wade.

Stay up to date with the exhibition and the surrounding programming on social media (@ArtShare_LA) and the hashtags #ArtShareLosAngeles, #ArtShareLA, and, #FieldsFactoriesFameFallacies. Art Share L.A. is located at 801 E. 4th Place, Los Angeles, CA 90013, (213) 687-4278. *You are more than welcome to schedule a visit to Art Share LA to see the exhibition.* Please contact or visit for more information. All images are subject to copyright. Fields, Factories, Fame, and Fallacies will be on view to the public from August 28th through September 26th