Having Fun with the Now Hear Ensemble

8:30 PM—10:00 PM
  • This event has passed.

People Inside Electronics presents the Now Hear Ensemble, featuring the talents of Daniel Corral (accordion), Federico Llach (double bass) and Brian Walsh (clarinets).

“Having Fun” pits live musicians against pre-recorded media to examine facets of 21st-century life. Through five diverse pieces, the Now Hear Ensemble surveys human physicality, immigration, pop iconography, retro-futurism, and the nature of time.

In Simon Steen-Andersen’s “Asthma,” the accordion re-learns what breathing means to humans in all our idealism, fear, and corporeal frailty. Federico Llach’s “I diari” explore paradoxes in immigration laws in the US and EU respectively. Daniel Corral’s “Concerto for Having Fun with Elvis on Stage” reframes the cultural significance of the worst album in rock and roll history. “This Changes Everything” by Alex Temple starts with 80s New Wave and pulls from the history of synthesized music. “TIM song” by Peter Ablinger addresses the ultimate medium of music – time itself.


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