I, Pledge Allegiance

06/07/2018 - 06/09/2018
7:00 PM—10:00 PM
  • This event has passed.

“I Pledge Allegiance” is an intimate immersive theatre piece about fear, politics, and secret societies. In the show, small audiences will be admitted to a foreboding industrial meeting room. Filled with strange objects, audience members are encouraged to explore the space to gain clues about the upcoming events. For the next hour, they will feel as if they are trapped in the twisted world of a psychotic political fanatic. Only by delving deeper into the rabbit hole can they unlock the secrets of his organization and maybe escape alive… Strobe lights, fog, and other special effects will be integral in inducing terror and amazement. Audience participation will be highly encouraged throughout, allowing participants to not only consume the experience visually, but with every sense.