The Planes of Your Location (why are you here?)

8:00 PM—10:00 PM
  • This event has passed.

The Planes of Your Location (why are you here?) is a two-act collection of Kitty Brazelton’s recent works for strings—and stories—of a woman’s life, as “told” in music by Brazelton—multiple lives interwoven, as told by Isaura String Quartet and their extended musician family, former teachers, and past band-mates who join them in concert. By weaving these stories into a chamber concert format, Brazelton and Isaura frame Planes of Your Location with the now-radical act of inviting an audience to come and listen to living music in a concert hall, and to bring their own stories. What was once a courtly tradition, becomes a ground-floor modern act of resistance to our own world’s erosion of identity. Together we begin the revolution of physical presence.

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