Art Share x Student Art Spaces

Art Share collaborates with Student Art Spaces L.A.!

We partnered with S.A.S. to create a 3D virtual gallery! That’s right, not only is it Virtual, It’s 3D!  The virtual tour uses a  photographic technique to show The HOPE exhibition in exceptional close-up quality.

You can roam the gallery and get close up to each piece or choose to follow the guided tour. Click on the images to view details about the work.

Click here to see the show!

Click here to see the HOPE artist panel and learn more about the artists and the work.



Student Art Spaces L.A. is the Los Angeles branch of youth-led nonprofit, Student Art Spaces, dedicated to equity in the arts for both the youth and POC creatives. By providing free and low-cost art experiences for young artists, we hope to break down financial, racial, and gender barriers that may hinder minority artists from participating in events. To increase awareness of youth art equity, the Los Angeles chapter organizes events in California by the youth, for the youth.


Participating artists include:

Kate Kondakova @soybeansoul

Syler Basco @skyler_basco

Shayxy  @not.shayxy

Shanna Finnigan  @Shannigans_and_such

Jason Saffer  @jason.saffer

Yazzart  @yazzartarchetoivite

Emily Tran  @popular_potatoes

Luna Maluni  @Gri @lunamalunagri

Skylar La Belle  @artsiestkid

Jacqueline Wu  @jacquelinewu96

Valerie Lowder

ALIAYA  @a_nesru

katchyaphotos  @katchyaphotos

Hannah Cha

Srin Lahiri  @srin.joyi

Jack Reed  @adeepblueday

Aditya Desai  @aditya1desai

Emmabella Rudd  @emmabellarudd

Angela Cameron  @angelaacmrn

Jeart  @jea.rt