Meet Rollence Patugan, Art Share LA member and a Photographer based out of Los Angeles. @rollence_photo

“Art Share fosters a great arts community, for not only the Downtown Arts District but throughout LA. Art Share is located in a very prominent area very center to LA right in the heart of DTLA in the Arts District – really great location. 

As an artist myself I really appreciate how Art Share provides a platform that promotes local artists like myself. I wanted to contribute to that effort by becoming a member that would go into helping artists like me, having their work at Art Share LA.” 


Meet Ashaki Jackson, social psychologist, poet and Art Share LA board member. 


Art share is, I think, essential in terms of access to the art landscape in Los Angeles. I wanted to be a part of a community that considered everyday people important to its membership.


So, what I value about art share is that when the doors are open, the doors are truly open to any person who is on the street who has an inkling about art and says “I’m interested in seeing something beautiful today, let me go in and see” and art share’s right there in the community, welcoming people, whether or not they have money in their wallets or not.


Art Share is a place that I want to participate in. I also want to be part of those events. I also want to see the art. I also want to listen to what they have to bring because their programming is well curated broad diverse. I see myself in it, I want to participate in it. That’s why I became a member.

Meet Yuval Bar-Zemer, Long time Art Share member, Arts District resident and business owner.


I’m an Arts District resident and business owner and I’ve been involved in the Arts District for two decades now, developed a number of projects in the Arts District. I moved in as a family as I became a resident and member of the community, my community engagement and activity increased.


Art Share is a long-standing institution, probably one of the longest standing art related organizations in the neighborhood and went through a number of iterations has had a lot of bumps in the road in its history.


I’m very familiar with the organization and its history and seeing the relevance and value of the organization moving forward and that makes me a person that likes to see it thrive and exist and add value to its community


Meet Susan Feldman, Art Share LA member and artist in Downtown LA.


I’m an LA based artist and I found out about Art Share years ago because I had friends who were members of the board. My first interaction with Art Share was about three years ago. They invited me to install a project I made called Virginai’s House. That’s when I met Cheyanne and some of the other people at art share at the time. I had a really great time there and I enjoyed the work they had there. I always felt they were a great support system for emerging artists.

I think it’s important to support all emerging artists and because I live in LA I try to do as much as I can to support artists here. I’m fortunate enough to establish myself here in LA, so if I can be of help to others I will do that.