Snapshot: Los Angeles Coloring book

Snapshot: Los Angeles Artists


Snapshot: Los Angeles Artists is just that, a snapshot of the L.A. art scene. This adult coloring book features the works of 15 prominent and emerging  Los Angeles-based artists, along with interviews preceding their works, to give audiences an idea of what it is like to walk up and down the streets of the city’s booming arts district, and the people who can be found there. The interviews in this book give insight into the type of social,  political, and economic issues that Angelinos face daily, and the colorable designs that it contains allow readers to make Los Angeles their own. Additionally, all of the proceeds from this coloring book are being given to Art Share Los Angeles, a non-profit art gallery and artist co-op in the heart of the arts district; the Midnight Mission, a homeless shelter based in the Skid  Row of Los Angeles; and the participating artists. People coloring this book create a version of the city that they are pouring back into by purchasing the book. 

This book is a collaborative effort between Art Share Los Angeles, and two college students:  Alexandra Zarchy and Holly Harris. In addition to the fact that the entirety of the book’s $20 price tag goes to socially conscious causes, the participating artists also used their pieces and their interviews to advocate for what they believe in. Queer safe spaces, the maltreatment of Black people in the United States, homelessness, and the objectification of women’s bodies are among the many themes that are brought to light in this book. The book itself contains 46 one-sided 8 ½ by 11-inch colorable pages, 15 artist interviews,  and a few pieces of writing by Zarchy, the book’s co-creator. The book’s three main goals, in essence, are to educate, to invest in the Los Angeles community, and to inspire a human connection to art.

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