Meet the SNAPSHOT: LOS ANGELES Coloring Book Artists! 

WRD SMTH  @wrdsmth

WRDSMTH is an LA-based street artist who aspires to inspire others on a daily basis with colorful and well-chosen words crafted into indelible thoughts and phrases that he paints/pastes onto walls around the world.

Bunny Reiss   @Bunnyluvrocks

Bunny’s work is heavily influenced by her Eastern European background, with its tradition of folk art, bright colors, and community engagement.

Jeremy Novy    @jeremynovy

Jeremy Novy is a California based street and stencil artist best known for his stencils of koi fish and efforts in support of gay activism. 

Caroline Heer   @carolineheer

Caroline is currently living and working in Pasadena, California. Her art practice focuses primarily on a combination of large-scale paintings & sculptural ceramic work.  

Robert Kalafut    @rmkworks    

Robert M. Kalafut an LA-based West coast artist who makes abstract portraits, and has experience in the Advertising industry, Film Industry, Local 800, Toy Design, and Animation Industry.

Hedy Torres  @artbyheto

Mexican-Immigrant working, producing, achieving and living in LA.

Lois Keller   @lois.keller

 Lois Keller creates creative environments through painting, drawing, and events. Her work has revolved around the ability to create art in between her responsibilities as a mother and caregiver.

Jack Westervelt   @jack-westervelt


Alvaro Naddeo  @alvaro_naddeo

The subject matter of Alvaro’s work is waste, overconsumption, and social inequality. The brands, logos, and packaging depicted in his work are objects with an inherent duality, both desirable and despicable, a clear byproduct of having worked in advertising for more than 20 years.

Morgan Barajas  @lucid_morgan

Morgan is an LA-based visual art alchemist as well as a Bedroom based musician.

Jimmy Warhol    @jimmywarhol

Jimmy’s unique style is an expression of his surroundings and the cultural melting pot of Los Angeles.

Toni Figueredo    @Toninicolette

The purpose of Toni’s work is to have the viewer associate its ephemeral qualities to their own mortality, sexual, or otherwise.

Alexandria Risby @foxy_buddha

Alexandria’s work exhibits a unique and intersectional approach to indigenous African design and elements from the Rococo period.

Bailee Roberts

Bailee Roberts is a 16-year-old artist based in California, currently entering her senior year at an arts high school.

Willie Baronet    @williebaronet / @weareallhomeless

Willie is an artist, activist, professor, and curious dreamer. He is the creator of @weareallhomeless and co-director of the documentary #signsofhumanity on Amazon.


Alexandra Zarchy   @alex.zarchy

Alexandra Zarchy is a double major in NGOs/Social Change and Public Relations at the University of Southern California. She is passionate about giving back to her hometown of Los Angeles; whether it be by making podcasts at the Midnight Mission or volunteering at Art Share Los Angeles. She cares deeply about racial injustice, the prison system, homelessness, and the preservation of art. This book, being one of art and activism, is at the intersection of her interests, making it a labor of love for her.

Holly Harris   @holly.harris7

Holly Harris is a Los Angeles native and college student at Texas Christian University. She has been passionate about art ever since she became a part-time glass- blower five years ago. She is an art supporter because of the connection that art fosters between the artist and the viewer and the humanity that is imbued in each art piece. She is also the author and illustrator of Self-Made Shade: A Book about Sun Safety, which was her first published book.