Art Share L.A. in the press

Art Share L.A. residency program supports local artists

“The Ellsworth Artists Residency Program offers 12 weeks of studio space, professional development opportunities, supplies and a stipend and culminates in a group show in Art Share’s main gallery space.”

Editorial: Newsom should sign the bill creating a unified affordable housing agency for L.A. County

“Art Share L.A. is an art center and nonprofit that provides affordable housing and studio space to working L.A. artists.”

What’s Happening Inside This DTLA Space Is Even More Exciting Than the New Mural Outside

“Giving tenants the opportunity to live in an expensive and sought-after arts mecca like Los Angeles without the burden of sky-high rent is at the core of the nonprofit’s mission. It has set out to be an entry point into the art world for emerging artists.”


“The Arts District is home to plenty of vibrant street art, but in this case, the building’s exterior reflects the creative people and programming found inside.”

Art Share L.A. Offers Hope and Support to L.A. Artists

“For over 20 years, Art Share L.A. has been aiding the artistic communities with selfless programming, artist support, innovative outreach, and exceptional public art projects. Today, Art Share L.A. engages over 300 artists and raises and pays tens of thousands of dollars to commission artwork by artists every year.”

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“Art Share provides 30 live/workstations for painters at less than rent to keep people in the art district. It can sometimes be referred to as the ‘coloring book of L.A.’ Because of the diversity you’ll find there, this place is a must-see in the neighborhood.”

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“Arising out of historical, socio-economic turmoil, struggles, and victories in Los Angeles, Art Share L.A. is focused on holistic social upliftment and artistic expression. Art Share L.A. is a must-see for those looking to experience the cross-pollination between art and community engagement.”

What’s Hot in the Arts District: Summer 2022

“Art Share is a 30,000 sq. ft building with a purpose to provide a platform for emerging artists to display their work. Their mission is largely derived from an overwhelming need for equitable access and inclusive opportunities to artists in LA. Art Share provides an environment free of complex systems of privilege, that in turn promotes a culturally and ethnically diverse space intended to uplift every artist who walks through its door. “

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“Go! You’ll be glad you did!”