Mission & Values

Art Share LA creates equitable access and opportunity for emerging artists by providing a creative environment for them to live, work, develop, perform, and exhibit. We believe artists, as individuals, must be valued and supported as a vital part of a culturally rich, vibrant community.

HOUSING: Providing 30 affordable lofts relieves working artists of their fear of displacement as they develop their craft into a marketable enterprise.

CREATIVE ECONOMY: Connecting artists to paid opportunities, from selling their visual artwork to public art commissions.

ART SHARING: Providing this 30,000 sq. ft building as a platform for artists to share their work from visual art exhibitions to showcasing performances, we are here to help an artist’s voice be heard.



Cultural Diversity Equity & Inclusion

The mission of Art Share LA is to create equitable access to and inclusive opportunities for every artist in the Los Angeles community. We work to eliminate the complex systems of privilege and power embedded in the art world which limit many Black, Indigenous, People of Color, disabled, LGBTQ+, low-income, and other historically marginalized communities from finding success in the creative economy. 

For Art Share equity is a continual practice and we commit to an ongoing journey towards building services and programs that are anti-ractist, anti-sexist, anti-biased, and anti-isms. We strive to be culturally and ethnically diverse and inclusive in all areas of our organization, including our board leadership, executive team, staff, volunteers, committees, and participating artists by adding more seats at the decision-making table. We firmly believe that curation is most inclusive and equitable when multiple perspectives lend their voices by bringing their whole selves to their work and creative practice.

Art Share is committed to paying fair, living wages for staff and artists. We also continue to advocate for clients and corporations to pay artists a fair, living wage to break the cycle of the “starving artist”.

Art Share provides a safe and creative environment for artists to live, work, develop, perform, and exhibit free from judgment and protects the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of working artists each year; representing the manifold social experiences and cultural voices of those living in and around our community; and infusing our community with the vibrant energy that comes from artists creating and sharing work.