The land held a single family residential home.


The property was purchased and replaced with a two-story textile recycling factory.
The neighborhood became a beacon for struggling artists being priced out of the increasingly expensive Venice and Hollywood areas.


Thanks to Art Share’s Founder, Chip Hunter, the building was purchased, and Art Share LA was born with a mission to shape lives through art, education, and community action.


Tracy Kelly joins (1999 - 2011) during which the facilities thrived as a center for at-risk youth—serving over 300 students per year. Other programs and services included: BLAST, BLAST Beyond the Bell, Community Beautification, and tutoring & mentoring.


Our building became the only 100% affordable housing building in the Arts District. Providing 30 units in this neighborhood has helped to preserve the population of artists through the gentrification that we are currently facing.


The national tragedy 9-11 occurred, shifting the founder’s attention to the East Coast to be with family and friends during this trying time. The hope for Art Share’s national expansion was put on hold.


The economic recession disrupted funding, all staff had been cut, and the agency was operating on a shoe-string budget. Property buy-out offers were on the table, but the new board of directors were dedicated to keeping Art Share L.A. owned and operated by and for the community.


Rick Robinson becomes Board President with a vision to simply keep Art Share L.A. - “We’re just not leaving.”


International street artist, INSA, transformed our building into a vibrant downtown landmark.

Art Share launched its first Above The Streets, wherein art from the city's most renowned street artists were displayed on billboards across Los Angeles. Artists include: Robert Montgomery, Kent Twitchell, Augustine Kofie, and Christina Angelina AKA Starfighter.


Cheyanne Sauter is named Executive Director with a vision to “become the ultimate resource guide for artists” - listening to the community to make Art Share services and programming as relevant and accessible as possible.


“Rise: Love. Revolution. The Black Panther Party.” exhibition.


“Ode to the Bridge” Exhibition as a homage to the Sixth Street Viaduct, aka Sixth Street Bridge.


Cheyanne Sauter is named Council District Pioneer Woman of the Year.

Art Share partnered with public mural artist El_Mac through the Creative Careers program that connects community-impacting, fair-waged art jobs with emerging and/or experienced artists.


The new exterior mural created by LA Based Danish urban artist, Mikael B., makes the walls of Art Share L.A. once again an emblematic part of the Los Angeles architectural landscape. This is one of the largest murals in Los Angeles.


Art Share celebrates its 21st Birthday.

Art Share presents S.C. Mero at the LA Art Show.


With COVID-19 disrupting our record year of programming, our virtual gallery, Home Share, brings the arts to you through a monthly Zoom variety show.

“Let’s Paint The Town” program - “If this is our “new normal”, then we need to figure out how to create art and pay artists. Artists can’t keep producing and sharing for FREE.” – Cheyanne Sauter, ED


In July, 2021 we brought our community together with The Comeback Fest to begin the recovery and rebuilding phase for artists across Los Angeles. Over 120 artists participated to celebrate our community.