Let’s Paint the Town

April 26th, 40+ days into the Quarantine, Artists are back to work showing that they are ESSENTIAL to the health and safety of our communities. Businesses are boarded up and LAPD has expressed concern for community safety.

Art Share is proud to be part of this movement to raise money to put our artists back to work.

If this is our “new normal”, then we need to figure out how to create art and pay artists. Artists can’t keep producing and sharing for FREE. – Cheyanne Sauter, ED

Chances are you have joined a live-streamed morning workout, a home concert, or a virtual tour of a gallery. Art and creativity are seeping out of our society. Artists are keeping us sane through this quarantine — All for FREE! It’s time to pay artists to get back to work!

70% of Art Share residents will not be able to pay their May rent. Many of them are full-time artists depending on the gig-economy to support them and they do not know how they will repay their debts.

Art Share is committed to paying artists for their work.

We need your help to prove that ARTISTS ARE ESSENTIAL! Donate today!

Art Share has teamed up with Jeremy Novy to search for funds to put our artistic community back to work!

Amy Smith
Jeremy Novy
David Puck
Little Ricky
Corie Mattie
Sara Sandoval
Bunnie Reiss