Old’s Cool, New’s Cool – Printmaking at Modern Multiples

09/11/2021 - 10/10/2021
  • This event has passed.

“The Old School refers to RSD, my uncle Richard Duardo, and the techniques he used to make art editions during his life. As an artist himself, or working with other artists, he created Print Editions, Fine Art Editions, and Screen Printing, or better yet, Serigraphic Editions (okay, there were some giclées in there, but they were often mixed media). The New School refers to the works created since his untimely passing. This combination of works show how Modern Multiples has maintained the pedigree of fine craftsmanship of Richard Duardo left as if a guiding light through a tunnel of folly.” – Montana Mills

This is a show to help people viscerally appreciate some of the more ambitious forms of screen printing. As well as showcase some Old next to some New.

Artists In The ExhibitionCarlos Almaraz, Chaz Bojorquez, Olivia De Bernardinis, Chase, Lionel Deluy, Richard Duardo, Shepard Fairey, Camille Rose Garcia, Ignacio Gomez, Kar Part, KMNDZ, Montana Mills, Antonio Pelayo, Frank Romero, Ed Ruscha, John Tallacksen-Vasquez, and Kate Turning

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