Plus One

02/02/2019 - 03/04/2019

Art Share L.A. is excited to present Plus One, on display from February 2nd through March 3rd, 2019. Plus One features work from Chelle Barbour, Micah Brenner, Carolyn Castano, Tom Dunn, Rebecca Franklin, Lauren Kasmer, Joanne Ji Young Kim, Grace Lynne, Ceres Madoo, Christina McPhee, Rodnie Nelson, Max Presneill, Dave Pressler, and Aaron Smith.

What does the future of Los Angeles arts landscape look like through the eyes of some of its most respected artists? We ask some of our favorites to choose the promising artist they would most like to exhibit with. The results are a vibrant, diverse cross section of this region’s creative output–spanning across painting, video, textile, photography, drawing, mixed media collage, and more. For catalog inquiries, email

This celebration of creativity, culture, and community is sponsored by Culture Republick — a new ice cream brand with probiotics. More than just ice cream, they believe in the power of the arts to positively impact culture. Using their brand as a vehicle for the arts, they’ve collaborated with emerging artists by offering their pints as canvasses to showcase artwork. Beyond the pack, they support local arts by donating 10% of all profits.

Art Share L.A. is excited to collaborate with Culture Republick and join its mission of spreading more culture to the world, both inside and out.