ART SHARE'S New experimental show

11/20/2019 - 12/11/2019
  • This event has passed.

Art Share LA is excited to announce Unwrapped, our newest exhibition in the Perimeter Gallery.  The shows title comes from each piece being partially unwrapped and to inspire the idea of giving the gift of art for the Holidays. Even for the person who has everything, few gifts are more memorable than art.

We’ve called for a few artists to submit work that we have partially wrapped in white paper. This show is meant to ignite curiosity and exploration into what the work could be, making all the work in this show interactive. You’re given a peak into the work, the rest is up to you. It is an expansion of the ever evolving collaboration between artist and collector. 

“Affordable art” may seem like an oxymoron but not in Unwrapped. All the work in this show is priced under $300. This shows focus is to bring affordable art to the community, to inspire the emerging art collector as much as the emerging artist. Purchasing original art is an adventure. In most cases purchasing a piece at Art Share LA means meeting the artist in person, hearing their story behind the work and understanding the feeling behind it. The process of buying original artwork is so different from buying mass-produced consumer artwork, there is always a great story that goes along with it; especially with a show like this, where your curiosity can’t help but get the best of you.