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Street Schooled

December 17, 2022 – January 28, 2023

Street Schooled, curated by Man One, is an exhibition highlighting the work of LA based artists whose works are inspired in one way or another by the streets of LA. Emerging artists are sharing the gallery walls with several established creators by whom they’ve personally been influenced. These more mature masters of their craft have also influenced countless young painters, graffiti artists and muralists throughout the city over the last few decades. They are respected as street mentors by many. The exhibition aspires to showcase the surfacing talent of these emerging artists while giving flowers to the living maestros that came before them.

“For Street Schooled, I felt it would be interesting to select young and emerging local LA artists to showcase alongside some of their artistic heroes. Most of these younger artists have never met the established artists but have been inspired by them for years on the LA streets. This is an opportunity for them to literally meet each other and for the viewer to to get a glimpse into what artists appreciate about each other when creating new work.” – Man One

Featured artists:

Paul Botello, Fabian Debora, John Zender Estrada, Jesse Fregozo, Wayne Healy, Mary Lai, El Mac, Obed Silva, Wenceslao Quiroz, Rebornz, Showzart, Jacqueline Valenzuela

Art Share L.A. CANceptual

December 17, 2022 – January 28, 2023


ART SHARE L.A. CANCEPTUAL is a large group show with over 100 original pieces of art on a spray can on view. In street art, the spray can is usually the medium but in this new exhibition, ART SHARE L.A. CANCEPTUAL, it’s the CANVAS!

“As a curator, I’m usually interested in exhibitions that engage the viewer but also challenge the artist. In ART SHARE L.A. CANCEPTUAL by forcing each artist to create onto the same small surface, in this case a spray can, it pushes each creator to work harder in their own style. A fun sense of competition arises which is very common among graffiti and street artists.” – Man One

Featured artists:

Alsrn, ArtbySosa, Fat Baby, Jay Michael Balmes, BrainDeadBurnOut, John Chang, Joanne Chew, SOFT CHICK, Ronald Del Cid, Concepción, Baha H. Danesh, Joe ded, Emerald Echo, Elizabeth Estrada, Female Faceless, Fcstiluk, Force129, Armen Ges, GODDESSGRAFX, Jonathan “Suer” Godinez, Mike Habs, J.R. Jackson, Sara Janti, Jasser, Karolime, Kneapolitan, Farzad Kohan, Konfused, Ehsaan Mesghali, Monica Marks, MRSN, Doly/Noongloom, OG DREW, OLDSKOOL33, Dan One, Rosie One, Vyal One, Francisco Palomares, Jas Parker, Paul Patrick, Kasim Patton, P Behind The Art, Patricia Perman, Phenik, Rand, ShowzArt, SICKdotONE, Skyler, Amy Smith, Snackbabie, Speker, Steeke, Vox, WCMTL, Mathew Weinberg, Zenk, Zermillion, Sight Zilla, and more!

Video credit: XD FOTO