Art Share LA Hosts the Unofficial/Official Afterparty

Art Share LA teamed up with NOT REAL ART Conference to put together a free afterparty of the LA Art Show on January 26. Held in our gallery space, the event aimed to expose visitors to our emerging artist highlights of 2018. We would like to thank everyone in attendance — particularly the new friends we made at the LA Art Show — for making the party such a success. Even though it was our first year participating in the LA Art Show, we hosted over 500 guests throughout the night!

The night featured signature cocktails by Mulholland Distilling and Q Mixers as well as beers by Pabst Blue Ribbon.

DJ sets performed by Azul and Francesca Harding energized the crowd and had many people on their feet.

All photos courtesy of @notrealartofficial, @creweststudio, and @moondanceevents.