Female Gaze CLOSED

Female Gaze

Opening Reception: Friday, March 8th, 6 – 10pm

What is the female gaze?

The male gaze is a term coined by feminist film theorist Laura Mulvey, representing the viewpoint of the male viewer, character, or creator in placing women to be objectified and viewed as spectacles–unable to dismiss or return the same gaze towards those male counterparts. Mulvey’s term can be applied to any artistic form, from film to music, fine art, and performance art.

Under our current administration, and in the Me Too and Time’s Up era, what does this mean for how art is made and exhibited, by whom and for what audience? Do we recognize this male gaze, reject it, change it, dissolve it? Does it even still exist as a binary gender-based perspective, or has it evolved to signify any imbalance of power and agency? Who defines the term, the viewer or the viewed?

Art Share L.A.’s Female Gaze presents our experience as females, femme-identifying, non-binary, and ally communities in 2019 by staging a public forum for an on ongoing dialogue. What does the world look like through our gaze? And how that inevitably influences our creative practice.

Open to all mediums of visual, installation, sculptural, and video based art. Open to ALL individuals in support of women’s and LGTBQIA+ rights. Artists are encouraged to create new work directly relating to theme. Artwork will be chosen for its relation to the theme, message, and visual interest. Repeat submissions from previous shows will be disqualified.